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Each JAR comes complete with source and classes.

The current release has been compiled and tested with Log4J 1.2.15, 1.2.16, and 1.2.17 on Java 1.4.2, 1.5.0, and 1.6.0 (i.e. tests have been run multiple times for each combination of the supported Log4J and JDK versions). Most classes are compiled for Java 1.4 but some classes dependent upon features of Java 1.5 are separately compiled and packaged into the same release JAR.

20140226-2148 Release (Latest) log4j-async-appender-20140226-2148.jar
Donations The Appenders available on this site are written, tested, and supported entirely in my spare time. So please...
Change Log
  • Fixed a bug that could cause lost events if BufferSize was reconfigured post-activation.
  • Fixed missing Javadoc.
Test Results JUnit results and EMMA code coverage
Resources Maven2 POM file

20140217-2209 Release log4j-async-appender-20140217-2209.jar
Change Log
  • Added UseCAS parameter to configure a non-blocking LoggingEvent queue (see Javadoc).

20140122-2219 Release log4j-async-appender-20140122-2219.jar
Change Log
  • Replaced LinkedBlockingQueues with ArrayBlockingQueues.

20120702-1200 Release log4j-async-appender-20120702-1200.jar
Change Log
  • Tested against Log4J 1.2.17.
  • Expanded test coverage.
  • Implementations of ExecutingAppenderAttachable interface made consistent.

Deprecated Releases

20120531-1049 Release log4j-async-appender-20120531-1049.jar
Change Log
  • Replaced deques with queues to improve throughput.
  • Factored out the concurrent5 and concurrent6 packages.

20120512-2033 Release log4j-async-appender-20120512-2033.jar
Change Log
  • Fixed race condition in shutdown code that could cause events to be dispatched out-of-order.

20120428-2222 Release log4j-async-appender-20120428-2222.jar
Change Log
  • Fixed a thread-safety issue during appender close and improved consistency in reference property initialization.

20120413-1548 Release log4j-async-appender-20120413-1548.jar
Change Log
  • Changed package name from org.apache.log4j.appender to uk.org.simonsite.log4j.appender.

20120103-1035 Release log4j-async-appender-20120103-1035-1.2.15.jar
Change Log
  • Improved throughput performance
  • Minimised locking where possible
  • Added explicit support for Java 1.5 and 1.6 concurrency APIs
  • Expanded unit test coverage

20080329 Release log4j-async-appender-20080329.jar
Change Log
  • Initial release